Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Cards and 80's Photo Shoot

This year Jeremy and I sent out two different types of Christmas cards. We sent out the homemade cards pictures below to most of our family.

And we sent out the photo cards below to most of our friends.

The whole picture card started with a "contest" between us and our friends Lucas and Christie Waschkowski. When we were in Simpsonville visiting them in September we all came up with an idea for the creepiest Christmas card contest. The premise was to find outdated outfits (Jeremy and I went 80's) and take some fun and/or creepy poses and then send them out as our Christmas cards. We had a whole photo shoot filled with great pictures and ultimately chose a fun picture that we thought better captured the mood of the 80's rather than some of the other pics taken. We had a blast with the costume selection, photo shoot and all. We loved it so much that we've even thought of having an 80's inspired party. So without further delay, here are some of the funny, creepy and fun pictures from our photo shoot.

I hope that you had a few laughs, or at least smiles from enjoying the photos. We certainly did posing for them!



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Thanks Jenny!


Aimee said...

AWESOME!!! I was laughing so hard!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!!

matholemu said...

These are amazing!