Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Hidden Art of Homemaking

I recently finished reading The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer and Deirdre Ducker. I enjoyed the definition of ‘hidden art’ as provided on the back cover of the book;

“I would define ‘hidden art’ as the art found in the ordinary areas of everyday life. Each person has, I believe, some talent which is unfulfilled in some hidden area of his being- a talent which could be expressed and developed.”

Edith takes this concept of hidden art and develops it in further detail in the follow categories; music, painting sketching and sculpturing, interior decoration, gardens and gardening, flower arrangements, food, writing- prose and poetry, drama, creative recreation, clothing, integration, and environment.

This book is a great handbook for any “Proverbs 31 woman”. It is filled with tips on how to use your home and life for ministry unto the Lord. It’s a great read for any woman who may be in a rut; finding her role as a wife or mother to be ordinary or boring. The book provides great encouragement reminding the reader of the numerous “small” things that a woman does around the home and the significant eternal impact that can flow from those. It provides ideas for creativity and twists on your old routines, all the while staying focused on keeping things simple, inexpensive and focused on relationships.

What are you currently reading?


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Kim M. said...

Sounds very interesting. I love those types of books!