Thursday, October 2, 2008

What Are Your Priorities?

Yesterday in our class we had a discussion about benefiting your friends and/ or disciples by asking them what their priorities are (Question #1) and then asking how you can help them with those (Question #2). We talked about how a lot of time in these relationships we can end up assuming unnecessary burden by assuming what their priorities are, and jumping in in the wrong ways. By asking first we get a clear picture of their priorities, we are invited, and welcomed because they are apart of the process and idea forming and it's their idea and not just us forcing ourselves upon them. We also talked about how these priorities could vary anywhere from that of spiritual discipline or nature to completely secular and recreational. Priorities could range from desiring to be a better wife or husband, succeed at one's career, devote more time to prayer, learn to play a sport, learn to cook and so on. I've been thinking about this ever since and if/ how I'm contributing to the priorities of my friends... or if I even know what they are. I want to be the type of friend that helps to build my friends up, encouraging them in life, spurring them on, helping them achieve their goals. So slowly but surely I desire to reach out and put this into practice in my relationships.

(I believe that the material mentioned is consistent with and derived from the book Mentoring by Bob Biehl but that was not part of our class work so we didn't cover the text directly)


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