Monday, October 13, 2008

14 Days of no complaints

I read this devotional by Elisabeth Elliot on Jessica’s blog today and in light of my post from Friday the thought of focusing on positive and not negative really resonated with me. Therefore I have accepted the challenge at the end… I’m going to make an intentional effort not to complain about ANYTHING (weather, politics, economy, headache, slow internet, gas prices, an unorganized home, an unfair situation etc.) for 14 days.

I know that complaining is a bigger issue, it’s the (bad) fruit and overflow of a poor heart that is not yielding to the Spirit. By simply changing the behavior of not complaining it is not necessarily taking care of the bigger heart issue of lacking gratitude, contentment and peace… which would all naturally flow forth and be fruit of a heart yielded to the Spirit. At the same time of not complaining I’m hoping to turn my thoughts from negative, and complaints, to positive, praiseworthy, and be more focused on gratitude. To be aware of my tendency to complain at times, realize that I’m responding in my flesh, and see the need to submit myself in prayer and thanksgiving (Phil 4:6-7) to the Spirit. So at the very least become more aware of my sin, how much I need the Lord, His grace and forgiveness and how amazing He is to bestow that upon me!

Anyone else in?

Jeremy, as you are probably the one that I would be most likely to complain around I’m going to need you to hold me accountable darling.

Lord, I submit my heart and tongue to you and your purposes. Use me to build others up, free me from anything conflicting with that. Thank you for all of the encouraging brothers and sisters in you that have been placed in my life, for the ways that they have encouraged me. Thank you for you grace and forgiveness for the times where I wrestle with you, thank you for your loving, gentle nudge. I love you Lord.


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Ally said...

Sounds like exactly something I would jump in on...right now I'm knee deep in 29 days of giving!

Thanks for the inspiration

p.s just found your blog through simplicity soup