Monday, October 27, 2014

4 years old

Happy Birthday Noah!
This year you;

have grown up so much.  you are such a big kid, physically, intellectually and emotionally. 
you are bigger than all of your friends your age, and even taller than many 5 and 6 year olds we know.  you are so incredibly smart. 
I say you're like Albert Einstein because you have a bit of an eccentric side to go with your intelligence.  recently, on a gifted screening test you were able to answer questions that the test administrator had never seen kids answer.
you are so grown up... sometimes too much.  sometimes I think that you became a teenager overnight with some of the sass and back talk you've been giving me lately.  you are such a vibrant young boy.  you are energetic and active.  brave and fearless.  sensitive and thoughtful.  you are very sweet when you want to be and often tell us that me, dad and Eli are your favorite people.  you are such a good friend!  while you love to be physical and rough with your friends, it's always in good fun and you never get angry.  you are extremely creative and a great story teller and make up these wonderful stories that you tell us while we're driving... stories about caterpillars and geckos and trees and trucks.
started playing soccer on a 3/4 year old team with two of your friends.  you are probably the fastest kid out there.  soccer has been so good for you.  you have learned to be a part of a team, to listen and take direction from your coach, to follow directions, self control, and increased motor skills.

have gained lots of new interests.  you have always loved trucks and vehicles, playing in the dirt, and anything art or craft related, but this year you have gained some specific new interests from certain shows we've let you watch.  you current interest is Rescue Bots, so we threw you a Rescue Bot birthday party.  before that you were into Wild Kratts and became a fountain of facts about animals often telling us that cheetahs are the fastest animals. 

have just within the last 3 weeks made up your mind to stop taking naps but your body is still in need of some rest so we often find you asleep on the couch, back seat of the car, or in this picture in timeout as your body fights your mind for rest.

have developed such a personality.  you are lively and goofy and silly and wild.  this face says it all.  I frequently say that you should be an actor because you can quickly jump into character (usually of a superhero or animal) and it's not an easy task to break you out of it.  you have quite convincingly mastered the cheetah run and paw swipe.
you have done many interesting science projects including making homemade slime and mixing food coloring with vinegar and baking soda.  you love to learn, experiment, play and get dirty exploring the world.

have had many friends that we have weekly playdate with to the park, zoo, museum, aquarium or chick fil a.  you are a very social and extroverted child.  always wanting to be the center of attention and always wanting others to play with.  you very rarely choose to go off and quietly play by yourself. 
you are also an amazing big brother!  you share so well and take such good care of Eli.  you two already have a special bond that warms my heart.  you love having him as your best friend and getting to play together all day every day.

Noah, your dad, brother and I love you so much!  you make our lives so interesting and exciting, without ever a dull moment.  you make me laugh every day.  you melt my heart every day with sweet hugs, kisses and kind words.  you teach me so much about life, myself and our God.  about patience and grace and forgiveness.  about love... the kind of love that puts the interests of others above your own.  you make me a better woman, wife, daughter, mother and friend.  you make me more aware of my words and actions and what I model versus what I say.  you teach me how to have fun and not take myself to seriously.  to build time into my schedule to play.  to stop and smell the roses.  to ask questions and figure out how things work and why they are that way.  about childlike faith.

you are destined for great things, my son!  you are going to take the spiritual legacy and inheritance that your daddy and I give you and go so much farther.  you are going to change the world.  you are going to be a leader of men and a lover of people.  you are going to walk in the power of God and a supernatural lifestyle.  you are going to do "greater things".  you will be like Noah, and will walk in righteousness despite the depravity around you.  you have found favor with God and are His chosen instrument.  you will be a mighty man, a man who walks with God always seeking His heart. 

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