Monday, May 5, 2014

A Lifestyle of Awareness

I've never heard such a painful silence as when a room full of Christians are asked "What God is doing" and everyone uncomfortably squirms in their seats without having an answer to give.
I've been in that position of being the one squirming in my seat all too often. Of not having a good grasp on what God is doing in, through and around me that moment... or day... or week... or month.
I've felt disconnected from God at times.

Felt being the key word because any disconnect between me and God was not a reality. He is always present. He dwells in us. We are one with Him, inseparable from His being. Therefore any disconnect is perceived on my end, and nonexistent in reality, only existing in my mind and understanding.
I doubt the believers in the early church sat around and got uncomfortably silent when they came together. I imagine their meals as lively celebrations and story telling of all that they were seeing and experiencing. A time for everyone to encourage each other and be built up and truly excited about what they were a part of.

I think we need to create a culture of awareness. A culture of calling out in those around us where we see God, what we see Him doing and how we see Him being expressed. We need to make this a lifestyle. Always encouraging others. Always testifying of and proclaiming His works.

My husband Jeremy often says that hearing God is a lifestyle, and I think awareness is the same way. The more we become aware of Him and see Him in and around ourselves and others the better we get at it... the better we get at recognizing and looking for Him. He fine tunes our senses and gives us spiritual muscle memory through experiences.

When discipling people who want to know how to hear God, I usually ask them to recount times and ways that they know they have heard Him before. Moments that He has spoken to them. By connecting those dots they can begin to get an understanding of how they hear God, and how God speaks to them (keeping in mind that God can always speak in a different way, and is not a formula to be mastered, but in general I think he speaks to visual people in visual ways and so on, so taking a look at the past helps us going forward). I think this also applies to awareness. When we look back and are aware of God in our past it makes us more sensitive to Him in our present.

So let's be a people who are aware of Him. Who can't contain our excitment and stories about all that we see Him doing.

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