Friday, July 5, 2013

6 weeks

Here is what is going on with Elisha this week according to;

Now that your baby's awake for longer periods during the day, you can use these times to support his sensory development. Try singing your favorite lullabies or playing music.

You don't have limit yourself to children's songs. Fill the house with the sounds of music — from the Black Eyed Peas to Mozart — and watch as your baby expresses his pleasure through coos, lip smacks, and jerking arm and leg movements.

Your baby might also enjoy the sound of wind chimes or a ticking clock. The more varied the offerings, the richer the impact. Inevitably, you'll notice that your baby responds to and favors some selections more than others as he begins to develop preferences.

Don't feel like you need to bombard your baby with music all the time, though. Babies need quiet time, too. An overstimulated child may cry, look away, tense up, arch his back, and become irritable. Try giving your little one time to regroup before moving on to more play.

Your baby may not be able to talk yet, but his face is sure telling you a lot. He's experimenting with different facial expressions — pursing his lips, raising his eyebrows, widening or squinting his eyes, and furrowing his brow.

Your baby may be trying to tell you something — perhaps a diaper change is in your future — or maybe he's just exploring his newfound abilities.

Elisha is doing great!  He's continuing to grow like a weed and chunk up all over.

This week we ran out of the disposable diapers that I got at my baby shower, so he is now solely wearing his cloth diapers.  Since he's so little, and they are so big, they are making him look a little pear shaped right now, but he'll grow into them before I know it.

His umbilical cord finally came off this week so we were finally able to give him his first bath, which he actually seemed to enjoy.

He's starting to prefer sitting up to reclined positions, he loves to look around and check out his surroundings.

He continues to give a few grins and smiles here and there and has also started making some joyful sounds and noises from time to time.

We've gone backwards a little with sleeping and he is getting up around 1/2 am, and then again around 4/5 most mornings, sleeping through the night every now and then.

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