Thursday, February 3, 2011

names of God canvas

I have been wanting to make this sign for a really long time, but because I don't have a crafting budget I have to wait for crafting supplies to make their way to me before I can follow through on a project.  Fortunately for me, my mother-in-law knew that I was looking for some used canvases to paint over for projects and she happened to find me two for next to nothing at a yard sale last week.  They originally had some type of children's paintings on them, but after I painted over them you could barely tell that the canvas had been used before.  This was super simple, I used my Cricut to cut out all of the words and just modge-podged (that can be a verb, right?) them onto the canvas that I had painted black... quick and easy... I started and finished the whole project during the time that both Noah and Luke napped today.


Mary said...

You got both little ones to nap at the same time?! You're a pro!

Love this canvas! I really like the font you use on your Cricut.

Kim M. said...

LOVE it!