Friday, February 18, 2011

fruit of the Spirit canvas & the big 3-0

after making the names of God canvas a couple of weeks ago Jeremy had asked me to do another one with the colors reversed so that we would have a set.  I happened to have an additional canvas that was the same size that Jeremy's mom had gotten from a yard sale that had already been painted on.  so again, I primed and painted over the old art work.  then I used my Cricut to cut out the words, and modge podged them on.  all of these supplies I already had on hand.  it has been fun to come up with ways to do craft projects with things that I already have lying around the house.

on a side note, today is my 30th birthday.  I had a wonderful day filled with breakfast with some girls, a walk in the park with a friend to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL day, some crafting time to finish up this canvas, and a coffee date with Jeremy and Noah for a chai tea latte and pumpkin bread (thanks Mom for sending the gift certificate!).  and now I've learned that 30 isn't nearly as scary as it sounded, and it's actually quite fun.  so here's to another decade, hopefully full of even more love, laughter, and fun then the last two.


Kathleen said...

Happy blessed birthday, Shannon!

DeCole said...

Just wanted to say I love your Canvas and hope you dont mind if I re-create them for our walls here at home! Great Blog!