Monday, February 23, 2009

My birthday party and a bang update

Since my birthday was in the middle of the week Jeremy and I celebrated my birthday on Saturday. He planned a whole day full of surprises for me. I started off my being able to sleep in (which never happens). Then I got to do some cardio on my stationary bike. Then it was off to lunch at a surprise venue. Much to my delight it was sushi, one of my absolute favorite things to eat; actually sushi and chocolate are my two favorites and I got to enjoy both on my birthday! After a wonderful lunch of great food and conversation Jeremy and I headed home. We relaxed for a bit while I perused a new cookbook that was a birthday gift (another one of my favorite past times is cookbook reading). Then we got ready for an evening "out" for my unknown birthday celebration. We started with an hour or so of coffee and tea at Barnes and Noble while we chatted and perused more reading material... muscle mags for Jeremy and cookbooks for me. Then we headed off to our destination but had to make one quick stop at home to pick something up. ****Surprise**** Our house was filled with an assortment of our closest friends, balloons, confetti, snacks, and that chocolate cake that I mentioned earlier. We spent hours chatting the night away and enjoying the company and conversation. Here's a few pics from the evening. It was definitely one of my favorite birthdays ever! It was great to have a chance to get so many good friends together, especially knowing that we are going to be leaving soon and our time here with them is very limited.

Some pre-partying before Jeremy and I arrived (the other Jeremy shown in the pic)

Dan and Sophia playing

Carmen pretending to be me and surprised

Carmen again

Who stole Kim's smile?


(lots of laughter)

look at all the pretty confetti (that is actually still on our floor)

(Meggan must like taking pictures of Carmen since all of the photos are hers and this is the third Carmen photo)

My handsome part planner extraordinaire turned candle lighter

The delicious, fudgy chocolate cake made by Meggan

Crystal trying not to burn down the house by walking VERY carefully

"Make a wish"

Daddy's little girl

Every time I walked through the kitchen my foot picked up pieces of the confetti that was scattered all over so Meggan decided to capture my foot art. The best part was the 5 minute long leg lift that she made me hold while taking this picture.

The gals

(All the pics above were from Meggan's camera, the one's below are from ours, which isn't as good a quality)

Dan & Crystal

Jeremy & Caleb, the old roomies

Jeremy A. & Randy

Kim & Jeremy

Sophia & Meggan

Caitlin & Carmen


P.S. Onto the subject of bangs... You've probably noticed that I did go back and get "full" bangs cut. However I'm still not quite 100% happy with them. They are a little thin for my taste. You can still see my forehead through them, and I was really looking for a thick, full layer that covered my entire forehead. So dare I go back for round 3???? Third time is a charm, right???



kim.g... said...

looove the pics, shannon (and meggan)! ..makes me thankful that i smile more often than not!! ..i certainly don't love that one of me and won't be sad a bit if you remove it!! ....had so much fun!! ..loved gathering at your place! <3

The Mangerchine's said...

It's really not a bad pic at all, you are being silly, but I do love your smile!