Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Noah!

Happy 5th Birthday Noah!

This year you;

 started school and have been attending pre-K. it was a bit of a hard adjustment with you (and me) crying everyday for the first week, but now you have adjusted and tell us that everyday was the "best day yet". you have made several friends in your class and are learning so much. you have great behavior and understanding of the material at school and I am so proud of you.

continued to play soccer and have really improved your abilities over last year. now you play actual games every Saturday. you have scored goals every game and scored as many as 6 and 7 in a single game, being the high scorer for your team. it has been so much fun to see you really apply yourself to something, do well at it and learn how to come out of your shell and go for it on the field.

last week when we played the ungame with friends you said that your favorite place to go is church because they give you candy and you learn lots of things. you  have several friends at church and I love that out of all the fun things that we regularly do (trips to the zoo, museum, chick fil a etc) that church is your favorite place to go.

you are such a fun, silly, energetic, creative, confident boy. you are rough and tough yet thoughtful and caring. you love to be the center of attention and to do tricks for or tell stories to people. you get lonely and bored when you don't have someone to play with and you always want to be around other people.

you love to dig in dirt, go to playgrounds and the zoo, wrestle with your daddy and brother and do just about any craft from playdoh to painting or coloring. this year your main interest has been dinosaurs, so we threw you a dinosaur 5th birthday party, but you have also been into superheros as well. you have a vast knowledge of dinosaurs and can identify them and tell us names that your daddy and I have never heard of. you can also tell us which dinosaurs came from different time periods. you say that the indominus rex is your favorite dinosaur. you say that you want to be a paleontologist when you grow up.
you love to play games like I Spy and Hide and Go Seek.

you love our family and when we are all together. you love your brothers so  much. when you get a treat you always want to make sure that Eli gets one also. you want to pray for Zeke every night before bed.

Noah, your dad, brothers and I love you so much!  you bring so much adventure, fun, excitement and joy to our lives. you make us laugh and help us to not take ourselves too seriously.  you make me more aware of my words and actions and the example that I set. you give me a reason to be better, to be slow to anger and quick to seek and extend forgiveness. you teach me about childlike faith and expecting and believing big things from God.

you are destined for great things, my son!  you are going to take the spiritual legacy and inheritance that your daddy and I give you and go so much further with it.  you are going to change the world.  you are going to be a leader of men and a lover of people.  you are going to walk in the power of God and a supernatural lifestyle.  you are going to do "greater things".  you will be like Noah, and will walk in righteousness despite the depravity around you.  you have found favor with God and are His chosen instrument.  you will be a mighty man, a man who walks with God always seeking His heart. 

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