Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chase Rescue Bots Felt Mask

I whipped up several of these masks for birthday presents for a Rescue Bots party for 3 boys.  I started off with grand plans to make one mask for each character for each boy and then real life happened and each boy ended up with only 1... oh well.  I couldn't find a pattern on the web so I had Jeremy draw one for me and then took it from there.  Noah has been on a huge Rescue Bot kick lately so he is thrilled that I made him one also.


Amanda M. said...

Oh my goodness... I would BUY these from you!!! So cute!! Any chance you have the pattern still and could share?

Amanda M. said...

Oops... didn't leave my email address. If you have the pattern still (which I realized is unlikely...) my email is amandamcclanahan@gmail.com

I'm envious of your craftiness! Adorable! :)