Monday, January 12, 2009

scavenger hunt

this weekend jeremy and i hosted a scavenger hunt for some of our friends. we all got together and had snacks at our place and then set out on our mission to perform the tasks at hand. after the hunt was over we met back up at our place for more snacks and to laugh at all the great photos that were taken throughout the evening. the guys were the declared winners, but both teams had some disagreements over whether or not some pictures counted for the tasks. here are the pics from the guys trip, the girls pics are on kim's camera so i don't have those unfortunately.

myrtle beach scavenger hunt

-all of these tasks must be performed in public, no going to a home
-all team members must be back by the agreed to time, deduction of 5 points for tardiness
-all tasks will be worth 1 point unless otherwise noted
-team may not split up to complete tasks, it’s a group effort
-for tasks noted entire team, each team member must be in the picture which will require you to have a stranger take the photo
-for tasks noted someone, the person can be a stranger, friend or teammate
-no sabotage of opposing team
-have fun!

( ) 1. entire team in a bath tub
additional non-player +1 per person

( ) 2. entire team wearing their clothes backwards

( ) 3. entire team jumping in the air, all team members must be off the ground

( ) 4. someone purchasing $0.07 of gasoline

( ) 5. someone pushing a teammate in a wheel barrow

( ) 6. someone with a fu-man-chu beard

( ) 7. entire team leaving a bathroom with toilet paper stuck to their shoes

( ) 8. teammate making out with a face drawn on their hand

( ) 9. entire team with a french fry in each nostril

( ) 10. teammate as ray charles at the piano

( ) 11. teammate with head out the car window like a dog (car must be moving)

( ) 12. teammate with entire pack of gum in mouth

( ) 13. entire team and burger king employee wearing burger king crowns

( ) 14. entire team doing a good deed

( ) 15. teammate blowing their mouth on a window (blowfish face)

( ) 16. teammate chewing on a dog bone

( ) 17. teammate in a suitcase

( ) 18. teammate running with scissors

( ) 19. teammate literally dumpster diving

( ) 20. teammate licking their own toes

( ) 21. teammate hula hoping

( ) 22. entire team under an umbrella

thanks to all who came and participated!!!! we had a great time full of laughter and fun and will enjoy these great photos for years to come!



kim.g... said...

nice!! ..the girls' pics are in a folder on your laptop... such fun times! (LOVE YOU!)<3

Kim M. said...

That's too funny!!!!